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September 14, 2016
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September 14, 2016
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Skin – Herbal Tea


Most skin issues are related to the liver so I have used the herbs Nettle, (also known as stinging nettle) Yarrow and Burdock which are liver tonics and blood cleansers.

I added Spearmint for the taste and because it is digestive too.

This tea may be helpful for various skin issues such as acne, eczema and teenage pimples.

When I talk to customers about skin issues, I also discuss their diet. For people with eczema, it is important to cut out sugar. There is a real dynamic between sugar and the gut and sugar is always the common link when there is skin irritation. You can read more about skin issues on my website Blog “More than skin deep.”

For teenagers with acne, I recommend they eliminate dairy from their diet because their liver is not processing dairy fats and is using the skin to help to eliminate the fats. Drinking the skin tea to help clean the blood and replacing dairy with nut milks will make a significant difference.

There are absolutely no preservatives, colorings or flavourings in these herbal teas and from each 50 gram packet, you will get a minimum of 100 cups of tea.

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