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Who Can Drink Herbal Tea Blends?

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February 15, 2017
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February 18, 2017

I am often asked if herbal teas are safe for children to drink. The answer is a resounding yes! And they work amazingly well on animals too.

Europeans have generally grown up drinking herbal teas and recognise a wide variety of herbs such as Chamomile to drink at night to relax and help to sleep or to address colic in babies. Mothers would give teas made from Echinacea and olive leaf for colds and flu, Senna to help with constipation, Thyme and Sage for a sore throat, White Willow Bark for pain relief – the list goes on.

Many parents felt this was the safer option.

A popular herbal blend from my range for children is my BLOOD BALANCE blend with the beautiful Hibiscus flowers giving the brew a vibrant red color.

It’s a healthy red drink and high in Vitamin C.  Medicinally, for anyone with an issue with blood pressure (either high or low) I have combined Hibiscus with Hawthorn leaf ( a blood pressure regulator), Lemongrass, a lovely cooling herb and Rosehips to add a boost of Vitamin C.

Another great blend for children is CALM, a blend of Spearmint, Calendula and Chamomile. Spearmint is digestive so can help with any tummy upsets and Chamomile is calming and restful.

When a child complains of a sore throat, making a diluted brew of the COUGH tea and sipping during the day can help with symptoms and sometimes, stop the sore throat from progressing into a full on cold. Again, with the WINTER BLEND, sipping at that when symptoms of a flu begin can help to lessen the severity of the illness.

Don’t be reluctant to brew up a blend for children, they may not like all the flavours (who does?). But tempt and tantalise their taste buds rather than resorting to high sugared and flavoured drink.

Healthy, nutritious and delicious! Herbal teas are good for kids and great for everyone.

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