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Tea Time Is Awesome – Why Kids Should Drink More Tea

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Stressed Over Your Work-Life? Here’s a Cup of Calm: The right way to drink herbal tea
June 29, 2022

Herbal teas for everyone – including babies and children.

Kids Love Tea is a range of 10 yummy herbal flavours and is especially for children who want to be healthy and enjoy life.

The Kids Love Tea range is made using Australian Certified Organic and wildcrafted herbs which means when they are grown, they are not sprayed with chemicals.

Every packet of Kids Loves Tea blends is packed with delicious goodness and like all the Herbal Teas Australia teas, there are absolutely NO caffeine, sweeteners, flavourings, colourings, preservatives, dairy, gluten or nuts.

Kids Love Tea blends are of great value to as each 30gm packet makes 60 cups of tea.

There are lots of ways to have Kids Love Tea blends. On the Kids Love Tea website page, I have recipes for making jelly gummies and delicious ice cream.

The Kids Love Tea page is also educational as I explain to children the different herbs we use.

For example, Kids Love Tea blends are made from leaves (Peppermint, Spearmint, Nettle), flowers (Calendula & Hibiscus) and roots (Marshmallow & Ginger) and seeds (Fennel, Cardamom & Aniseed). They are different parts of the plants. Collectively, they are called herbs.

A common question I am asked is what age children can drink Kids Love Tea herbal teas. Diluted, herbal teas are a healthy drink, warm or cold, for any age.

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