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Endometriosis, PCO & other women’s issues .

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February 18, 2017
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For hundreds of years, women have used herbal remedies to deal with a whole range of menstrual conditions.

Spending time with customers, I regularly talk with young women who have range of menstrual issues – Poly Cystic Ovaries, Endometriosis, Amenorrhoea (missing periods), painful periods and even infertility.

Unfortunately, some of these women’s issues are the result of our modern day diets, – high consumption of processed foods, sugar and refined carbohydrates, all which can result in malnutrition. Yes, the word malnutrition simply means lacking in nutrients.

Consider this: in cattle endometriosis is treated as a selenium deficiency. Since a cow can’t give milk without having a baby first, farmers know to ensure their cattle has adequate nutrient supplements in their feed, especially selenium.

Cows are raw food vegetarians who derive their minerals from leafy greens.

Selenium is a vital nutrient because this important trace mineral works closely with Vitamin E which is known to ensure that animals have a healthy uterine lining.

A lack of folate (folic acid) is another related deficiency, and the best source of this is green leafy vegetables. Oral contraceptives, often used to treat endometriosis, dramatically decrease a body’s level of folate.

When I talk to customers about these issues, we discuss diet and I advise them to eliminate as much sugar from their diet as sugar robs the body of vital nutrients and to take a mineral supplement. Herbal remedies can replace caffeinated drinks, including soft drinks, which are high in sugar.

So which herbal teas might help with these issues?

Firstly, FEMININE BALANCE is as good option with Chaste berry & Dong Quai to balance hormones and regulate menstrual cycle.

The 2 other ingredients, Calendula and Lemon Myrtle are nutrient rich to help with painful periods.

And because endometriosis is an issue with the uterine lining, Raspberry leaf in the PREGNANCY tea blend is a good option too. Raspberry leaf is rich in magnesium and has a long tradition in herbal medicine for uterine conditions as it tones the uterine ligaments in pregnant women.

If cutting our sugar is an issue, the CRAVINGS tea can be helpful and CANDIDA tea, with the anti-fungal herbs, are good options.

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