Every week, I talk with young people, men and women, with thinning hair and quite often, losing their hair. I talk to them about a range of causes and remedies as well as recommending herbal teas and herbal remedies which have a vital role in helping to enrich thinning hair and provide essential minerals to […]

Our skin is a living, breathing, integral part of our health

Health and wellbeing is much more than what we eat and drink every day. Herbal teas and herbal remedies are a great support to a healthy diet and regime but our wellbeing also encompasses our environment, the products we apply to our bodies and the air we inhale. All these factors have an impact on […]

Breast cancer – a monthly checklist for all women

BREAST CANCER is a major health issue for women these days and the increase in the number of women being diagnosed is astronomical. Herbal teas and remedies have a place in our diet and health regimes but there is so much more that can be done to safeguard against all degenerative diseases. While many people […]

Endometriosis, PCO & other women’s issues .

For hundreds of years, women have used herbal remedies to deal with a whole range of menstrual conditions. Spending time with customers, I regularly talk with young women who have range of menstrual issues – Poly Cystic Ovaries, Endometriosis, Amenorrhoea (missing periods), painful periods and even infertility. Unfortunately, some of these women’s issues are the […]

Herbal Teas Australia – natural remedies for anxiety

Anxiety can take on various forms, from worry to grief – and everything in between. And everyone, from children to elderly will be affected at sometime. For children, it could be a school situation or learning aptitude which makes them feel vulnerable. For teenagers, peer pressure or sitting exams can create anxious situations to deal […]