NEEDING A GOOD CLEANOUT – herbal teas can help with your detoxing.

It’s the biggest buzz word at this time of year and these days, for many people,  detoxing equals weight loss. What does it mean to detox? Why is it necessary? What is a detox regime? How do herbal teas help? Detoxing simply means eliminating your body of toxins. What are toxins? Put simply, toxins are […]

What is Candida Albicans?

I often talk to women about personal health issues, which Herbal Teas Australia herbal teas can help and diet suggestions. But one health issue that comes up time and again as an underlying cause of many of their health problems, whether it is PCO syndrome, Endometriosis, other menstrual issues including menopause  and that is – […]

How to make Kombucha with Herbal Teas Australia herbal teas

CAN I USE HERBAL TEAS FOR KOMBUCHA? Herbal Teas Australia herbal tea blends are ideal for making Kombucha fermented tea. You can choose from any of the blends. Making Kombucha with herbal blends means you get the added therapeutic benefit of the herbs in an enzyme rich probiotic drink. The Kombucha starter culture consists of […]

How caffeine affects your work, rest & play.

Herbal teas are rapidly becoming the beverage of choice at many cafes. However, for a long time Caffiene has been the most prevalent stimulant in the world.  Caffiene comes in many forms such as coffee, tea, Coca Cola & energy drinks, diet pills and green tea. While caffeine may increase your concentration, alertness & reactions time, […]

Constipation is not a load of crap – herbal teas can help.

Eating healthy foods and drinking herbal teas is becoming a healthy pathway to feeling vibrant, energised and enjoying life. To achieve this, we all know that good proteins, fruit and vegetables and good hydration equal a  balanced diet. But what about bowel movements and regularity? What is normal? How should it look? And how do […]