NEEDING A GOOD CLEANOUT – herbal teas can help with your detoxing.

It’s the biggest buzz word at this time of year and these days, for many people,  detoxing equals weight loss. What does it mean to detox? Why is it necessary? What is a detox regime? How do herbal teas help? Detoxing simply means eliminating your body of toxins. What are toxins? Put simply, toxins are […]

Thyroid – the funny little butterfly in your throat.

One of the most common hormonal deficiencies, especially for women, is a low thyroid function. This is also known as hypothyroidism and its classic symptom is a goiter ( that’s a swelling of the thyroid gland.) The thyroid gland is our body’s internal thermostat and it regulates our temperature as well as supervising our metabolism. […]

What is Candida Albicans?

I often talk to women about personal health issues, which Herbal Teas Australia herbal teas can help and diet suggestions. But one health issue that comes up time and again as an underlying cause of many of their health problems, whether it is PCO syndrome, Endometriosis, other menstrual issues including menopause  and that is – […]

Don’t be a social outcast – herbal teas can help.

You know you have a problem when you start to talk to people and they take a step back. Yep, it’s bad breath, also known as Halitosis. It’s embarrassing and can be very awkward to the point where you (the bad breather) becomes anti-social. This is where herbs and herbal teas are at their finest. […]

Liver and Gallstone Cleanse – herbal teas can help

Who needs to do a liver and gallstone cleanse and what herbal teas can help to detoxify the digestive system? Most people should do a liver and gallstone cleanse atleast once or twice a year to clear stones and chaff in the bile ducts because no matter how healthy you eat, our liver is often […]